(An Educational Wing of Anglican Episcopal Churches of India)

Affiliated with Anglican Episcopal Church International

Indian theological semenary &University is a theological wing of the Synod of the Anglican Episcopal churches of India which is affiliated and having communion with AEC International. Over the years ITU has opened their doors to the surrounding community, including running a Theological education and offering quality training for alland providing the degrees

Indian Theological semenary &University is a mission focused and Anglican Episcopal mission-minded institution. In accordance with the founding vision, the faculty is instructed to teach the seminarians on their responsibility to Preach Christ and Plant Churches in order to fulfill the Great Commission and become the next generation of pastors, missionaries, scholars, theologians and writers. The University objectives are to train and transform theologians and Pastors evangelists, Church planters, missionaries, disciples, leaders and theological educators.

Motto of Indian theological seminary & University

To upgrade the Pastors.

To Give Theological education for all who want to study.

To Provide all Bible Degrees from this University.

To Start the University extension centre throughout India.

To give affiliation to all Bible colleges . The Bible colleges comes under one University. So that the Bible college students will get the authorization.

To form men and women for lay and ordained leadership within community, with particular attention to raising leaders for the Synod of theAnglican Episcopal Churches of India.

To provide continuing theological education for all people (clergy and laity of all denominations).

To serve the Episcopal Anglican Communion and the wider Church.

To provide an ecumenical, international, and cross-cultural context for theological education.

To be an outstanding theological resource.

To be a racially and ethnically diverse community in living out our mission. 

To prepare men and women for Church ministries and worldwide missions

To impart a thorough knowledge of the Bible

To aid students in spiritual formation

To create opportunities for practical understanding of outreach and Church planting

To create disciples, theologically trained and firm in the knowledge of the gospel, to carry forth the truth to the unreached, thereby fulfilling the Great Commission of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

Indian theological semenary & University provides distance educationin theology .

Studying at Indian theological semenary &University.

ITU is a great place in which to study! We take academic study and research very seriously and we want to help you to develop your understanding of God and your thinking about theology and ministry.

We offer a range of flexible programmes of study to suit your needs, passion and future ministry. All our teaching is biblically underpinned, relevant to Christian discipleship and leadership with a focus on mission and evangelism.

Our desire  for all our studentsis to form a movement of Christian disciples equipped and  empowered to be a part of God’s mission in the India and across the world.

We have regular Bible colleges, in India